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Writing: A Personal Journey

The other day I read a quote by Ralph Waldo that said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” This seemingly insignificant combination of words sparked a thought that will probably stay with me forever. Just like life, writing is also a journey, not a destination.
Writing to me is an outer expression of who we are. Whether we do it through fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter; it is an opportunity to develop our own unique way to express thoughts and emotions. Lately I’ve been rather overwhelmed with the amount of information we can find about so many aspects of writing. Endless sources of advise, tips, tools, suggestions, how-to’s, experiences, and so forth, are all available to us with the click of a mouse. However, one truth I’ve learned so far from all of these sources is the fact that no two experiences are ever the same.
Some writers will swear up and down that the way they do things is the best way to proceed, while other writers will disagree completely. Isn’t it just funny how easily we can disagree merely on the basis of our own experiences? It can be quite hard sometimes to choose which direction to take when you have so many people holding up signs that read, “Follow Me! Follow Me!”
I’ve realized however, that just like life is a personal journey, writing is also a very personal journey. We must use certain signs as guidelines (this is the only way to learn from other’s mistakes and avoid our own), but ultimately our own experience will be undoubtedly different, simply because each of us is a unique being with unique personalities, goals, views, and desires.
Supporting each other and learning from other writers is a very important part of our journey. In fact, it is essential. But it should never take over the opportunity to shape our own experience.
Do you let other writers’ experiences shape your personal journey, or do you craft your own as you go? Share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Writing: A Personal Journey”

  1. Normally I think that other writers are in fact so good in what they do that I’m wasting my time dreaming that I can do something as good as that. Sad, but for me I just have a reading journey.

    1. Don’t discourage yourself! People get good by practicing, and writers are no different. It is never a waste of time do something you love. And don’t be too sad. Reading is a great way to study writing as well.

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