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I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where I spent my youth climbing trees, causing mischief with my sisters, and playing with real and imaginary friends alike (also eating Arepas. Look them up, they’re amazing). I’ve always loved writing, and began my journey with words as a twelve year old hiding in a closet with my grandpa’s typewriter. I don’t remember a time when writing wasn’t a part of my life, and still have the first poetry journal I started  as a kid (with its Winnie-the-Pooh cover and all).

For many years I wrote and wrote (in Spanish) without any particular goal in mind. I had my fill of Marquez,  Silva, Neruda, Borges, Llosa, and Martí, and from an early age began collections of personal vignettes, poems, and short stories. Sometimes I wish I had kept all of those early writings. But life changes, and in 2003, at the age of eighteen, I left my dear country of Venezuela to seek an education in the United States. A lot more than words had to be left behind, and if someone had told me that almost twenty years later I would still be waiting to gaze upon the lush and majestic Avila mountains again, I would not have believed it. I miss them more than I ever thought I could.

Nevertheless, that life-altering decision has brought so many blessings and opportunities, it is hard to count them all. I met my wonderful husband, and together we started a family that makes me smile every day. I took a break from writing to complete my college degree and raise my little ones, and though raising my family is still my everyday battle, I resumed writing (this time in English) in 2009. Mastering this second language to a proficient level has been a challenge, but I’ve adored every step of the way (some may say it’s an obsession). What can I say? I love the process.

My writing projects cover a bit of everything, including poetry, guest posting, short stories, etc., but my main focus is YA fantasy and science fiction. I love stories that explore reality through fantastical elements and encourage readers to reflect on seemingly mundane aspects of life. I believe stories should have purpose, mean something, provoke thinking, and inspire. They should stay with you. I created my blog to share reflections on writing with purpose, the process of nurturing our talents, navigating the ups and downs of life, and the difficulties we all face in trying to create something everlasting in and ever-changing world.

Whenever I’m not writing, I’m homeschooling my kids, going on walks, eating sourdough bread with Nutella like there’s no tomorrow, or teaching myself something new (like Asian cooking, landscape design, or character drawing). I love to collaborate with fellow writers, spotlight authors, and host writing challenges. I’ve also been known to swap short critiques on occasion.

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