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Collaboration: More Than Scratching Each Other’s Backs

It’s been quite a few weeks since I wrote my last post. Mainly because I’ve been working on three short stories with my wonderful editor, but also because my kids have been out of town visiting grandparents and my hubby and I have been enjoying some alone time. Still, I had a very touching experience a couple of weeks back that I want to share with you.
Most of you should know by now (largely because I have mentioned it several times) that I took the Story Cartel Course at the beginning of the year. I found myself a few weeks ago posting a request in one of the course forums, in an attempt to find beta readers that would like to give me feedback on three short stories I had written. The overwhelming response from other Cartelistas wanting to be a part of this project was well beyond my expectations. Especially because it came at a time when I didn’t really know where else to turn to for constructive criticism.
This experience got me thinking about the kinds of support we look for and surround ourselves with, and how important it is to have a circle of partners that not only support your work, but also want to see you succeed. It also taught me that every work, no matter how small, is the product of collaboration. No project ever reaches its full potential with the thought processes and efforts of only one person, no matter how brilliant you are. Every success, be it a simple post, a book, a short story, a poem, or what have you, is the result of a collaboration of people.
How important is it then to find those sources of support, you may ask? Well, it is essential. Without those sources of support our work will never reach its full potential. Collaboration circles are partnerships where honesty and generosity are the only rules that matter. We can’t grow alone. It is important to find those sources of support that will help us become better. With this said, not every source or circle will work for us, but that’s ok. We just have to look for the one that we connect with.
How about you? What sources of support do you have? Are you reaching out, looking for new friendships and collaborators? Share in the comments below. 

4 thoughts on “Collaboration: More Than Scratching Each Other’s Backs”

  1. Yes I agree with you M.C. Support is very valuable, and having touched base with you as a cartelista, I have moved forward on my journey of writing as well. I want to thank you for that. I believe thestorycartell with Joe Bunting has opened my eyes as well. Margherita

  2. Being a mom of a special need child I am always in search for supports, help, meeting new people. It is not because I lack the knowledge, it is simple because it is the only way I find for me to give me the strenght and ability to keep going.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. We all the need the support of our peers, family and friends. No matter what kinds of projects or goals we have, without support our journey would be all the more difficult.

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