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Worthwhile Influences

What makes great writers great? I’ve asked myself this question many times. What is it about a writer’s voice, style, or story that leaves a deep mark in the souls of those who read their work? I think there are many different aspects in a writer’s life that play a role in the superiority of… Continue reading Worthwhile Influences

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Newsletters Suck. Here’s Something Better.

I've been keeping this idea under wraps for a little while, but after discussing it with a few trusted people (including my fourteen-year old bookworm), I've decided to move ahead with it. I recently updated some things about my website, including a way to connect and provide more content to my readers (ahem, you) that… Continue reading Newsletters Suck. Here’s Something Better.

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Querying, Pitching, and Losing My Mind

Drumroll please! If you've been with me for a while, you know all about my writing journey with Project Shadow and how long it has taken me to not only write the thing, but also polish it to its current state. The book has survived a literal decade of effort, two cross-country moves, two new… Continue reading Querying, Pitching, and Losing My Mind

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Facing Our Dementors

Recently, while talking to my fourteen-year-old, I was trying to explain to her the importance of learning control over our reactions, and the power we have when fighting negative thoughts and environments. Our conversation naturally geared to examples we’ve read about in books, and unexpectedly (or maybe not so unexpectedly) it landed on Harry Potter.… Continue reading Facing Our Dementors

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: A.S. Thornton

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an aspiring author who interviews her writing heroes, must fangirl over said heroes.  A little over a year ago, maybe two, I stumbled upon the most stunning Bookstagram photos (Instagram photos about books). They looked something like this: I don’t know if someone I was following shared them,… Continue reading Author Spotlight: A.S. Thornton