Markram History

Markrams can trace their history back thousands of years to the Era of the Unions, a period in time when their stage in the evolutionary process was closer to humans than it is today. Numerous dissensions led to the separation of newly evolved individuals from those who hadn’t yet shown signs of genetic advancement. The Union of Trastis, a group seeking to distance themselves from other non-evolved unions, believed that all other unions were inferior, lacking the physical strength and mental advancements to achieve supremacy. They sought and ultimately achieved complete control of their home planet, eradicating non-evolved unions and establishing their philosophy as law.

A series of leadership dissensions aroused throughout the years, and as a result the Markram Parliament was formed. The balance of power allowed the development of a vast military force, momentarily focusing leadership efforts on conquering other races. However, Markram philosophy has led to many changes in regime and rulers, and a constant state of conflict. Parliament challenged the former Crown Emperor Vulkra Mar, after the death of his father, and ultimately subjugated the emperor’s forces, taking over the right to rule the empire.

Battle Fights

Markram Battle Fights first originated as a street fighting sport, where men would challenge each other to combat in pursue of respect, leadership, and companionship, among other things. Markram’s ideology dictated that only one combatant could survive and be victorious, while the other was shunned as weak and undeserving of life. In street fighting only two rules applied. One, neither challenger could retract from fighting once the challenge had been mutually accepted, and two, only one fighter could survive. If either combatant chose to forgive the life of his opponent, he forfeited his own life as a consequence.

Eventually, street fights evolved into a more elaborate system, where sponsors would bet on certain fighters for monetary gain and fighters would engage in combat to elevate their social status. Nowadays, Battle Fighting isn’t only a sport of massive support and participation, it is also a way of life. Battle Fights with conquered races was instituted to reduce Markram casualties, as well as to reinforce their position of power. In time, the popularity of the battles led to the creation of a new branch in the Battle Forces, known as The Conscription Division, consisting of military squadrons responsible for the conscription, and training of new fighters from other races.

Physical Characteristics

Markrams have white hair due to the lack of melanin in hair follicles. They also have very pale skin and iridescent eye coloration. Markrams are advanced humans with evolved sensory systems. Evolution in their planet led to the proliferation of two distinct types of extrasensory abilities, recessive and dominant. Recessive Markrams can’t use their abilities on others, while dominant Markrams are able to affect other people by means of their abilities. Want to Keep Up With Seven and Thirteen? Click Here.