Markram Empire

The Markrams are a militaristic empire, committed to the expansion and dissemination of their believes. They have expanded their dominion over countless habitable planets throughout the universe, conquering dozens of races, all of which live and serve under Markram law.


Leadership in Markram society is recognized only through the challenge of battle, believing that winning a conflict gives the victor the right to rule. Displays of emotion are regarded as weak and beneath their race. Markrams believe that only through suppressing their natural instinctive state can they achieve full mastery of themselves, gaining total control of emotions that may weaken the mind. Markrams see their race as superior, and attribute their power to their victorious outcomes in intergalactic wars.

Imperial Markram State

The three major elements of the Imperial Markram State are central government, the battle forces, and the sectoral government.

Central Government: The authority of the emperor used to be the ultimate power in policy and decision-making. However, a civil war led by the Parliament conquered the forces of the emperor, granting them the power to rule.

The Battle Forces: The soldiers of the Imperial Markram Army are citizens who volunteer to serve the empire for life. The primary mission of the Battle Forces is to expand the empire and enforce Markram philosophy. The three major divisions of the military are:

  • The Markram Warden: soldiers stationed in Markram planets, who function as law enforcers and security.
  • The Markram Legions: military regiments (elite heavy infantry, armored and cavalry regiments, artillery regiments, air and field defense, and space fleet.)
  • Conscription Division: squadrons of soldiers used for population control and rebel suppression.

Sectoral Government: annexed planets become sectors of the empire through the process of segregation and population control, under the direction of Markram officials. Infrastructure includes societal enclosures, divisions of labor and conscripting fields.

Markram Naming

Every Markram is given a name at birth. However, names in the Battle Forces are considered an emotional tie to the past. Those who enter the Battle Forces deny their names and are given an identification number, which describes in detail their location and rank within the force. High-ranking force officials fulfill all governmental positions both in Parliament and Sectoral Government posts.

Battle Forces Identification Number

Identification numbers in the Battle Forces are assigned based on battle division, base planet (sector), training facility, squadron number, and position within a unit. Want to Know More? Sign Up to Receive Updates!