BFID#: 11-57-28-7

Seven is a unit leader in the Conscription Division of the Battle Forces of the Imperial Army. He is leader of Unit 7, which belongs to Squadron 28, stationed in Facility 57 of Sector 11. He is aware of his purpose, having been trained to fight and die with honor in an attempt to earn prestige. However, in spite of his training, Seven’s goal to achieve victory is based on something much deeper than prestige. It is based on freedom. His need to prove not only to himself, but also to others, that he is the best unit leader, is propelled by his reluctance to surrender his own life.

Seven values strength of character, willpower, and self-control, as well as courage against the worst fears. He trains fighters physically to withstand the challenges of the battles, and mentally to conceal and master the weaknesses of the mind.


BFID#: 11-57-28-7-13

Thirteen is a human fighter in the Battles. She is the 13th fighter in Battle Unit 7, which belongs to Squadron 28, stationed in Facility 57 of Sector 11. She was captured and conscripted into the combatant regiments of the Conscription Division by Seven. Thirteen is a fighter at heart, whose tenacity and uncompromising character govern her every decision. Before being taken prisoner, Thirteen lived on Earth as a hostile survivor.  She values independence, perseverance, and unflinching courage.

The Commander

BFID#: 11-57-28

The Commander is one of the officers in charge of supervising trainings at Facility 57 in Sector 11. He is the Commanding Officer of Squadron 28, the highest scoring squadron in the entire division. The Commander values respect, self-discipline, self-reliance, and integrity.

Major General

BFID#: 11-57

The Major General is the highest-ranking official in Facility 57. She is the general in command of every squadron in her facility, responsible for their instruction and overall performance. She values authority, power, prominence and complete suppression of natural emotions. Want to Know More About The Characters behind the Battles? Click Here.