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Failing New Year’s Resolutions Isn’t a Bad Thing

  I love New Year’s resolutions. No, I don’t always keep them, and sure, most of them are neglected by mid-February. But…   Oh yes, there’s a ‘but’ in there. A big one. It doesn’t matter how much I fail in keeping them, I still love them. I love thinking about them, I love making… Continue reading Failing New Year’s Resolutions Isn’t a Bad Thing

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Emotions: A Writer’s Best Fuel

  Feelings suck sometimes, especially the bad ones. They mess with your head, with your confidence, with your optimism. They can wreck havoc in as little as a few minutes, and if left unattended they will rain disappointment and frustration over your head like a cartoon cloud. They are also good, necessary, even if you… Continue reading Emotions: A Writer’s Best Fuel