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Author Spotlight + Giveaway: Teah Kemp Weight

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an aspiring author who interviews her writing heroes, must fangirl over said heroes.

I love to read regency novels over the holidays. I read Christmas books, too. But there is something about the season that makes me think of romance novels specifically. Weird, I know. I’ve read my favorites more than once, titles like Arabella, North and South, The Divided Hearts, and Edenbrooke to name a few. I love the classics, but also the modern additions, and I am always on the lookout for a good regency novel over the holidays.

In honor of that, I am delighted to spotlight Teah Kemp Weight this month, author of Secrets of a Baron’s Daughter. Her book sounds as lovely as she is, and I can’t wait to dig into it. I mean, look at the cover alone. Isn’t it dreamy? Add the book blurb and I am ready to dive in.

Miss Emma Hensworth has a secret— actually several secrets. Secrets, that if known, could alter the fates of everyone she loves. Secrets that have kept most of Society out of Engalworth Court for the past four months. But when a handsome gentleman is brought to her door badly injured and unconscious, her tender heart cannot help but offer her home as a haven for his recovery.

Anthony James Kempton, Viscount Hamdon, heir to the Earl of Licolnhurst, has lived his life in the lap of luxury. A luxury he hates. Son of an overindulged manipulative mother, and a self-centered philandering father, Anthony does not see love anywhere in his future.

Anthony’s life takes a turn when he wakes up in pain, tied to a bed in a strange house. Now, restricted to bed for a month and unable to travel for almost two, he turns to his favorite kind of book, gothic novels, to fend off the relentless boredom. But when the life of his beautiful and mysterious hostess starts to resemble that of a gothic novel, Anthony has to decide what is real and what are the imaginations of a restless mind. And he will need to do so before the evil villain catches up with the intrepid heroine, but will she let him be her hero?

Doesn’t that sound perfect? Combine secrets with Regency England and a love story and I am hooked. I was able to ask Teah my five spotlight questions, so here are her fabulous answers:

Why do you write?

It allows me the opportunity to create which is something that I have found is vital for my happiness. When I am creating I get to control what does or does not happen in the lives of my characters. I wish we all had the same amount of control over our own lives, but that is not the way the real world works. Second, it gives me a sense of balance. On the days I write, I know there’s one thing that I have done that will not get undone in 20 minutes. Cue children wrecking a full day of cleaning the moment they walk in the door from school and jettison an entire armada of coats, backpacks, shoes, and assorted carry-ons.

What/who inspires you in life (not in your writing, but in general)? 

Beauty! Beautiful music, beautiful scenery, beautiful artwork. Every color and each pretty note awakens a sense of awe and life inside of me. It inspires me to keep living each day so I can see the wonders of the world. 

What are some of your favorite things? 

Hmm… this one is hard for me because I have a hard time choosing favorites. I find that my likes and dislikes change with my mood, but some things would be chocolate, sleep, cats, books, sleep, flip flops in the summer and boots in the winter (I hardly wear anything in between), horses, sleep, and time in the mountains….Wait, one more, oh yeah I almost forgot, sleep. 

What would your perfect day look like and how is it different from your actual everyday? 

For my perfect day I would wake up in a cabin in the mountains. I’d make myself a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle with my husband while I watched the world off my balcony. Then I would take a few hours to write, maybe take a walk. We would have pizza for lunch and Lasagna for dinner. To end the day we would watch the sunset and then sit in the hot tub and enjoy the sounds of the night around us.So how is this different? Well, first off I live nowhere near the mountains and I do not own a cabin. My husband’s job and our children’s activities usually have him out the door before six and not home again until six in the evening. I cannot tolerate a lot of foods anymore due to an autoimmune disorder so I cannot have dairy, eggs, gluten, nightshade plants, and soy. That of course cuts out all the food items I have listed. And lastly I would need a babysitter for the six of my seven kids I still have at home. 

If you could invite a group of writers (dead or alive) to a tea party, who would it be? 

Oh goodness, this could end up being a giant tea party. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Kathryn Clegghorn Gaskell would definitely be at the top of my list. Also, add in Baroness Orczy, L. M Montgomery, and Louisa May Alcott. For living authors I would add Sally Britton, Jennie Goutet, Kristi Ann Hunter, Cathy Marie Hake, Karen Witemeyer, Jess Heileman, Katie Stone, Karen Thornell, Julie Daines, Anneka Walker, Laura Beers, Sian Bessey, Traci Hunter Abramson, Sarah Eden, Patricia Wrede and so many more.  

Honestly, I know so many amazing writers. There is something about writing that makes it easy for me to connect with fellow writers and feel a deep interest in them and their lives. So I am not sure I could exclude any of the ones I have read, or met from my tea party. Just order the table of the Administrative Capital of Egypt as it serves 7,000 people so that should seat everyone.

Weren’t those fun to read? I love to get to know other writers through these questions. They are all so unique. Now for the giveaway! This month I will be giving a copy of Secrets of a Baron’s Daughter, alongside three downloadable bookmarks. Check them out below. Aren’t they gorgeous? The giveaway will run until December 23rd (U.S. only), and a winner will be contacted through my VIP Circle by December 26th. To enter, click here.

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