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Author Spotlight + Giveaway: Erin Phillips

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an aspiring author who interviews her writing heroes, must fangirl over said heroes.

Inspiration often comes from unexpected places. Friendships more often than not do as well. But there are times when inspiration and friendship come together, and when that happens, it is even better.

I first met Erin (officially) through a newsletter giveaway I ran at the beginning of the year. But it wasn’t until after I sent her the giveaway she won that I realized she was the same author of the upcoming book A Crown of Chains, who I wanted to reach out to for an author spotlight.

Months later, her book has finally been released, I was able to be part of her launch team, and I’ve discovered that Erin is in fact a very inspiring individual, not just through her writing, but also through her everyday interactions.

A Crown of Chains, her fantasy retelling of the Biblical story of Queen Esther, is truly a special book (and I don’t only think this because the story of Esther is one of my favorite Bible stories). Her retelling, though familiar, is told in a fresh and imaginative way. I absolutely loved Roxana’s character, the settings, and the descriptions of her world. Her journey made me think deeper about the Bible heroine I admire, and provoked times of pondering and meditation, instances where I was able to imagine Esther in a more intimate way.

Take a look at the beautiful cover (and amazing blurb):

Becoming queen is not the end of a fairytale; it is the beginning of a nightmare.

When the queen is exiled, every beautiful young woman in Florencia is forced to become kingsmaids–royal concubines–but one lucky girl from those gathered will be chosen as queen.

Or maybe not so lucky.

Roxana Willows, a wingless fairy with the rare ability to read minds, has seen King Frederick’s cruelty in the stories her uncle tells, and fears that the only thing worse than being a kingsmaid is being the king’s wife. While her heart already belongs to another, she feels obligated to obey her uncle when he tells her to hide her heritage as a fairy in hopes of being chosen as queen.

But becoming queen is the last thing Roxana wants, and it will cost her everything…

Are you intrigued? I sure hope so. To celebrate the release of Erin’s book, I asked her for the opportunity to spotlight her. Spoiler alert, she said yes, and her answers are just as amazing and inspiring as she is. Here they are:

Why do you writer?

I write because I feel like being a storyteller is something big God created me to do and given me passion for. When I’m storytelling, I feel the most like who He created me to be. I think it is so cool that one of the first things we learn about God in the Bible is that He is a creative, and we also see Jesus telling stories to help people understand truth in the Gospels; I love that I get to imitate Him when I write!

What/who inspires you in life (not in your writing, but in general)?

I had a mentor growing up named Kristin who was always apologetically a daughter of the King, filled with love for every person she met and courage for the Gospel in every situation. She has been a huge inspiration for me throughout life, an example for how to  be a disciple, make disciples, and live for Jesus in every moment.

What are some of your favorite things?

Squishmallows, my corgis Parker and Fable, movie dates with my hubby, puzzles, Animal Crossing, fresh flower bouquets, coffee, the book of 1 John, book mail, collaborating with other artists.

What would your perfect day look like and how is it different from your actual everyday?

I love a day that is free of responsibilities and chores, getting a good coffee and walking in a historic district, a fun lunch date, maybe a little shopping, cooking dinner with my husband (Jeremy), and then snuggling up for a movie…and the perfect day filled with all this would happen in Harpers Ferry, WV (my absolutely most favorite town). I work from home, so I love just being able to go out for a little adventure, and luckily my “perfect day” consists of a lot of things Jeremy and I do for fun on a weekly basis (minus Harpers Ferry!).

If you could invite a group of writers (dead or alive) to a tea party, who would it be?

Nadine Brandes, Ted Dekker, Caroline George, Heather Gudenkauf, Elizabeth Kostova, and C. S. Lewis.

Doesn’t she sound like an amazing person? I think so. I asked Erin two bonus questions for my VIP Circle: what is her favorite part of the creative process and what is her top advise for young writers? Her answers will be included in the October Giveaway announcement email through my VIP Circle. You can sign up for that here.

In addition to this wonderful spotlight, October’s giveaway includes an array of fun swag inspired by her book, which you can purchase here, here, or here. The giveaway will run through November 7th at midnight (MST). It includes the following items:

  • One handmade leather bookmark with ACOC inspired charms.
  • One purple pen with flowers and see-through casing.
  • ACOC swag: 2 bookmarks, a character art postcard, a signed bookplate, and a sticker.

The winner will be announced through my VIP Circle on November 10th. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

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