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Don’t Let Life Happen To You

Next time a wiser person than yourself tells you to stop what you’re doing and enjoy the time of life you’re in because before you know it, it will vanish, please believe them.

I don’t exactly consider myself a wise person, but even I, with all the years I have yet to live, can see and understand, and almost grasp the depth of that statement.

It’s been three years since I decided to home school my children (yes that’s where I’ve been all this time) and I can tell you with absolute confidence that the last three years have gone by faster than the jar of cookies you just filled up this morning.

With the unplanned surprise of baby number four the last year alone is nothing but a blur of memories. By this, I don’t mean I have nothing to account for, but quite the contrary. I have too much to account for, so much in fact, that I couldn’t do it justice in a simple post as this one.

However, if I had to sum up all of that learning into a single sentence, it would be this one:

Time is too precious to waste and life too dear to let it pass by – Click to Tweet.

We tend to pack our days with so much busy work that it can seem at times as if our lives are living us instead of us living our lives. We finish every night exhausted, drained, and mentally unable to appreciate anything but the dead nothingness of sleep. Many of us can’t even achieve that. And yet, we don’t stop, we don’t step out of the running wheel for a single minute.

My question then to all of us is this, where exactly are we going with such haste? What is at the end of that race we can’t seem able to stop running? What are we planning to find at the finish line?

The last two years have taught me that whatever is waiting for me can never be worth much without my loved ones, and it can never mean anything significant if I don’t stop to enjoy the steps that helped me get there.

It seems like a no brainer, but it was still a tough one to learn. I had to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, no matter how much optimism and resolve I had, I simply couldn’t do everything I set out to do, because if I tried, I was bound to achieve mediocre results in every aspect of my life.

I couldn’t continue on that path, so I paused my writing to dedicate time to what was most important. It came at a cost of course. I still have no finished book to account for (isn’t that the life of just another writer). But what I do have are the smiles of four beautiful pieces of me, every morning, every night, and every other time I look at their faces. I have the certainty of knowing that I won’t regret any second I spend with them, and the determination to do everything I must to see them happy. I also have the assurance that this time of life I am in won’t last forever. So I need to enjoy it while it lasts.

Life is full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, choices upon choices. But life is also full of time. It is the universal currency of existence. So discard everything that drains your time of value. Focus on what matters.

Every goal you have will come together as you consistently strive to achieve it – Click to Tweet.

Remember, the ones who don’t reach their destination are the one who quit. So don’t quit. But make sure your priorities are aligned; make sure you’re putting in the time where it counts most. Life isn’t a stagnant experience and the actions of today will become the memories of tomorrow. Enjoy the stage you are in right now, because once it’s gone, you can never return to it.

Take ownership of every step, of every effort that leads you to that finish line, and drink in the progress of your life along side those who make it valuable. Don’t let life happen to you. Stop what you’re doing and enjoy every bit, because before you know it, it will vanish.

How about you? Have you ever felt like the spectator of your own life? What have you done to realign yourself?

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