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The Hermione Granger’s Beaded Handbag for Writers

First off I’d like to apologize. In my previous post, the one I ranted about Disneyland Zombies, I promised I would share (within the week) a reference sheet with all the writing tools I kept on hand while working on my manuscript.

Well, it’s been way longer than that.

The last month has been pure insanity. Between a teething baby, a sick mommy (that’s me), and suddenly hitting a brick wall of overwhelming responsibility in virtually every facet of my life, I’m surprise I’m still in one piece.

But now I’m back, hopefully.

I was reminded the other day about the handbag Hermione Granger uses in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which she used to pack all the things she thought they might need on their journey.

As writers we all have something similar. Sites we tend to visit, communities we love to learn from, email subscriptions that send us daily nuggets of wisdom, and all sorts of sources that comprise our own personal database of go-to-knowledge.

Today I’d like to share part of my own Hermione Bag. You may be familiar with some of the sources, that’s okay, great minds think alike. I hope some are new to you. These have been serious game changers for me as a writer and an amazing support for the development of my novel.

There are four specific sites I have been following for years that have helped me shape an aspect of my novel at one time or another. All four have email subscriptions, which I receive and read almost one hundred percent of the time.

The Write Practice

Started by Joe Bunting, this site was built around the idea of practicing our craft. Every post they share revolves around that concept, so on top of learning something new, you also get to practice it.

Eschler Editing

Angela Eschler founded this editing firm years ago. On their site they share insights, support, and amazing resources for writers. They cover a wide range of information by experienced professionals. I particularly love their well-organized archives page.

Nathan Bransford’s Blog

On his blog, this former literary agent shares simple, straightforward advice with a humorous twist. He doesn’t embellish his insights and for that I will be forever grateful.

Authors Helping Authors

This site operates around a community of authors that provide support, information, and inspiration based on their own experiences. It is a really great way to connect with other authors and learn from each other.

There are many other sources I like to browse every once in a while, but these four seem to always be the ones bubbling up to the top.

My YA novel is currently under two stages of development. A wonderful group of beta readers (and friends) is at the moment attempting to make sense of the mess of words in order to give me some honest feedback. I’ve done this once in the past, with an even smaller group, before I made all my structural changes.

While that’s going on, and in a clear effort to keep my mind from going crazy and my fingernails from disappearing I am also working on my agent submission guidelines: synopsis, query letter, book blurb and/or pitch, and everything else that the list of agents I have may be asking for.

I will be sharing my findings and efforts with you in the upcoming weeks.

Want to collaborate with me? I love to work with fellow writers, spotlight authors, and host writing challenges. I’ve also been known to swap short critiques on occasion. Don’t be shy, reach out to me here.

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