Well, Aren’t You a Lucky Bunch?

Last week Jessica Knauss posted an author interview featuring my newest book Markram Battles: Genesis of an Uprising, where I also offered a free copy as a giveaway. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened exactly to the entries, but somehow they got lost in Internet Limbo and they aren’t showing up anymore. I know, I know, lame. Nevertheless, I still have a free copy of Markram Battles: Genesis of an Uprising that I would like to give away. So, I am extending the entry period for the giveaway to Friday, September 13th.
If you want to enter the giveaway leave a comment below or tweet me @mcmuhlenkamp. You can also leave a comment on my Facebook Page. It is unfortunate that we had this mix up, darn internet glitches! But hopefully, we’ll turn it around in no time. If you didn’t have a chance to enter the giveaway before, don’t miss out this time around!
[Thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway and congrats to Rodney Johnson, the winner of a free copy of Markram Battles: Genesis of an Uprising.]
To view the full interview, click HERE


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