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A Million Thanks!

Today I want to thank each and everyone who downloaded my book, Markram Battles: Genesis of an Uprising, from the Story Cartel website. This whole experience has been so exciting and your participation and support have made it even better.
If you have already reviewed Markram Battles (through Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog) don’t forget to submit your review with Story Cartel so that you can be entered to win 1 out of 3 Amazon giftcards. Click HERE to submit your review.
There are still two days left to download Markram Battles: Genesis of an Uprising for free from the Story Cartel, so if you have any friends that might enjoy the stories, let them know. And if you haven’t been able to review Markram Battles yet, there’s time for that too. Just don’t wait too long or you might not be entered in the giveaway.
Thank you so much again for downloading Markram Battles.
You guys rock!


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