Music for the Creative Mind

The leaves are already changing. Can you believe it? Fall will be here in a heartbeat! (I’m just really excited about that and wanted to let you know).
This week I have been working on the next three stories for Markram Battles (yay!), which means I have been waking up earlier than usual (5:15am) and listening to what I like to call inspiration-triggering music (awesome soundtracks and the like). I love to create playlists for the stories I am working on. What can I say? Music just gets the gears inside my head turning. One of the songs I’ve been listening to is A Dark Night by Hans Zimmer. I absolutely love it! Listen to it and tell me if you don’t agree. It awakens my creative mind the instant the first note strikes my ears.  I will share my entire playlist with you soon, but for now, here is the song that has been inside my head this week.

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